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Get the real tea on why India Love and her sister Crystal Westbrook are beefing over Drake!

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A day ago India’s sister Crystal Westbrook called her out on Twitter after she read an article about her sister India allegedly seeing Drake on the low. India’s sister Crystal and Drake had a short fling some years ago so Cyrstal felt betrayed by India. Crystal then called out India basically calling India a hoe for sleeping with her ex’s. ‘The awkward moment when she hops on your exs…. nvm nvm nvm #ifeellikerayj.” Well, We found out this entire thing is fake and the whole situation was planned by the sisters for a new season of The Westbrooks, according to a hot tip.

India Love’s sister is calling her out via Twitter for creeping with @champagnepapi ,her ex-boyfriend????

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Hey Girl!

Love your page and I honestly respect your hustle. Unlike all the other blogs your keep it ????. Anyway I have been living in LA for about 2 years and I work in nightlife so I’m cool with a lot of these fake celeb girls. Long story short I’m friendly with one of the Westbrook girls and kinda got the 411 on the drake situation. So apparently India frabricated the whole thing and has been plotting for some weeks. The only summer sixteen shows she has been to has been in LA. She got her ticket from Jas (drakes friend) and Rihanna was actually at 1/2 shows. Her boyfriend is even in on it smh.. They pretended to break up and deleted of each other pics on IG and unfollowed each other. Then India goes to the drake shows (which he never spoke to her at) and took pics next to OVO cups. But she has not been able to get anywhere near him. Anyway this is all her Managers plan he even has her staying off IG and snap the next couple days so it can seem like she is with him somewhere lol. Her and her sis are going to fight this season of there show about him but it’s all fake. It’s all very gross and honestly I hope drake finds out and sues them for everything they don’t have!

Tip on India and Drake????

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Soon after we posted this DM Tip, India’s sister Crystal Westbrook apologized to her via Twitter saying she was sorry for believing “false” rumors…

Crystal Westbrook back tracks on her tweets towards her sister India Love over Drake????

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If y’all care????

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