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Lordt! Police were called to Tamar Braxton’s Calabasas home after ANOTHER altercation with her husband, friends say she’s been living in a ‘private hell.


Cliff notes:

  • has learned sister Toni Braxton phoned police a few months ago when Tamar Braxton  and husband Vincent Herbert had an altercation
  • Police took statements, but Tamar had no physical signs of injury and no arrest were made
  • Tamar Braxton revealed she was in a Los Angeles hospital and was on pain medications on September 23
  • Braxton later deleted an Instagram post that featured a hospital bracelet from Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Hospital
  • In the post she denied rumors that her marriage to Vincent Herbert was on the rocks following abuse allegations
  • In an  incident in August  a huge blowup occurred in an Atlanta hotel lobby and allegedly resulted in Vincent biting his wife’s finger.
  • previously reported that Tamar was fired from the show after bad behavior, which caused tension between the couple 

After R&B star and reality TV personality Tamar Braxton and her husband Vincent Herbert had a dust up at the Ritz-Carleton Hotel in Atlanta in August, rumors of trouble in the marriage have run rampant.

Tamar declared on an Instagram video on September 23, in which she appeared to be in an LA  hospital for undisclosed reasons: ‘Just because somebody says something does not make it law and I’m not finna defend my relationship to anybody. Ever. This is a marriage. This is not a baby daddy, this not my boyfriend. We don’t live together. This my husband for 13 years so everybody else, have several seats.’

‘But her family fears that 13 may be their sister’s unlucky number and that if things don’t change with Tamar and Vince, she could end up like Rihanna after the Chris Brown altercation or worse,’ a  source close to the family tells

According to the source, Tamar’s sisters Toni, Towanda, Traci and Trina are actually happy that the real dynamic between Tamar and Vince is getting out. has leaned that several of the sisters were on hand when an altercation between the couple took place at their Calabasas, California, home a few months ago and Tamar’s older sister, Grammy winner Toni Braxton called the police.

When authorities arrived, they took statements from several of the other family members on hand.

‘Again, since there were no physical signs of battery, Vince was not arrested,’ the source revealed. ‘But these fights are happening more and more.’ contacted authorities in Calabasas for a copy of a police report of the incident, but the local authorities refused to cooperate requests. Tamar Braxton’s reps did not respond ro our request for comment.

Tamar published a lengthy rant on Instagram where she revealed she was hospitalized and denied talk that her marriage is in trouble.

Braxton, who later deleted the Instagram post which featured a hospital bracelet from Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Hospital, also said she unfollowed her friends, Toya Wright and Monica Brown.

Her Instagram post comes after sources close to Braxton claimed she has been suffering financial problems and living in a ‘private hell’ with her husband of eight years Vincent Herbert despite years of attempting to present their union as the perfect marriage.

In the post published on September 23, she dispelled rumors that making her Instagram private had anything to do with her marriage to Herbert, amid allegations of domestic abuse following an August altercation in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Atlanta.

‘Sites reporting that my Instagram page being private has ANYTHING to do with my marriage can SUCK it,’ Tamar captioned the snap, according to The Jasmine Brand, referring to the August 21 incident, when a huge blowup occurred in the hotel lobby and allegedly resulted in Vincent biting his wife’s finger.

Despite authorities being called to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Atlanta where they were staying on August 21, where Vincent allegedly bit his wife’s finger, the pair have put on a brave face and presented themselves as a happy couple to the media.

But sources close to Braxton tell that Tamar and Vincent are combustible, always arguing and sometimes getting into physical altercations like the one that occurred in Atlanta back in August.

Sources say hings have been tense with Tamar and Vince because her termination from The Real has further exasperated the couple’s mounting financial woes.

It’s already been reported that Vince has an outstanding tax debt of nearly $5million, in addition to their recent lawsuit from Crystal Clear Audio & Video, that is suing the couple for failing to pay for the custom wiring installed at their home.

‘That’s only the tip of the iceberg. Their house has been in foreclosure several times as well. They’re living high on the hog, but just not paying for the pig,’ the source explained.

The couple did find enough more to pay for Vincent to undergo weight loss surgery two months ago.

‘He had gastric bypass surgery to lose weight. His size has caused him to have numerous health challenges,’ the source said.

Additional tension in the relationship has been caused by Tamar’s desire to seek new management.

Even before she was let go from The Real, Vince learned that Tamar had been taking meetings with various talent managers like Steve Harvey’s former manager Rushion McDonald about new representation.

They caused Vince to go ‘ballistic’ and she pumped the breaks for a while.

‘In her heart of hearts, Tamar believes it was actually Vince who caused her to lose her job at The Real,’ the source said. ‘He ran interference and botched the negotiations moving into season three and ultimately, they dropped her because of that.

‘So now, she’s been talking about getting a separate manager again and that pisses him off.’ previously reported that Vince knew for two weeks that Warner Bros had fired his wife, but waited to tell her.

Tamar has apparently hired Steve Harvey’s manager Gerald Washington as her co-manager. It was Washington who convinced Harvey to sign Tamar to a production deal.

While she, her sisters and mother were being honored by Dr Barbara King at Hillside International Truth Center, Inc, Church in Atlanta, Tamar announced that she will launch her own daytime talk show, The Tamar Braxton Show in September 2017.

No details on a network affiliation or syndication company was disclosed.