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Kanye West Backing Donald Trump Is A Publicity Stunt? Kanye Donated Money To Hillary Campaign And Attended Hillary’s Campaign This Year!


Cliff note:

Last night, Kanye West claimed he would’ve backed Donald Trump if he had voted this election. However, Kanye West donated money to Hillary Clinton campaign and attended Hillary fundraiser campaign in Los Angeles earlier this year and last year. We did some research on Hillary campaign donors, and Kanye West was listed among celebrities who donated to Hillary.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Hillary for America, has scored financial contributions from stars like Kanye West, Olivia Wilde, Reese Witherspoon and Shonda Rhimes — with some of those stars forking over the maximum contribution of $2,700 during the primaries and another $2,700 during the general election. And that’s to say nothing of the seemingly endless celebrity endorsements she has received. Kanye West also donated in 2014.


To give Kanye the benefit of the doubt, printed an article saying Kanye West was a Trump supporter and was forced to back Hillary.  According to the site,

Following a flight from Paris to Los Angeles on Wednesday, West, 38, was overheard sharing his political opinions with another passenger.

“He’s not going to vote for Trump but he supports him,” a spy told Page Six.

When asked by the passenger if he was backing Hillary, West made it clear he was all for Trump, but a source close to West says the Grammy Award winner supporting Trump is “totally untrue.”

According to the Federal Election Commission, West has already contributed to Clinton’s campaign.

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