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Kanye West Paid $250k For A Sextape Not To Be Leaked!

Kanye West’s cousin is selling stories to media outlets for money and spilling tea that some of us already knew about like the time Yeezy paid someone $250k to a family member who threatened the rapper to release a sex tape¬†Kanye had previously made with an unknown woman.

Cliff Notes:

Kanye West’s cousin Lawrence Franklin tells that the rapper cut himself off from the family after the incident and became distrustful of people in his inner circle
Franklin said that the relative found the video of Kanye having sex with an unknown light-skinned African-American woman
The video was on a laptop the rapper had given away as a gift in 2012
Eventually he paid the relative $250,000 to hand over the only copy of the tape
Kanye was so upset by the incident he began to retreat from his family and became ‘disconnected’, Franklin said
The rapper’s song Real Friends, released earlier this year, is about the incident, according to Franklin
Franklin, 31, also revealed how Kanye, still grieving for his beloved mother Donda, struggles to live in the Kardashians’ world
He believes Donda, who died in 2007 from complications that arose from elected plastic surgery, would not approve of Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian

YEEZY’s cousin


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