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Kenya Moore’s Personal Blog: “I am ashamed for staying with Matt Jordan”


Kenya Moore is ashamed for ever dating Matt Jordan and even more ashamed of staying with him after their fights, according to her BRAVO blog post. What did you think when Matt got upset about your #TBT photo?
Kenya Moore: It was just one of many trivial, childish things that he chose to focus on to make everything about him. He harassed me so much about the post that I deleted it shortly after. What went through your mind during the confrontation with Matt?
KM: I was tired. Tired of constantly fighting over the petty things he initiates with self-sabotaging behavior that escalates to violent behavior. How difficult was it to watch the confrontation with Matt?
KM: I was shocked Bravo broke the fourth wall and showed me talking to my producer off camera. You can’t fake those moments. It was a very emotionally draining day. I know what I’ve lived through with him. I just wanted him to admit to his illness and have an honest conversation about getting help. I have been the most honest and raw this season that I have ever been, and there is NEVER an excuse for violence. What’s your current status with Matt?
KM: Matt is now saying he’s an actor among other ridiculous claims…another example of his abusive ways. Since these scenes were filmed months ago, the viewers will see me struggling with Matt on what is the right choice for me. I have done a lot of things in my life I am ashamed of, but I am most ashamed at myself for staying with this man and for letting down the women and young girls that look up to me. It doesn’t compare to the inner struggle I have had with myself. Thank you for all your well wishes, prayers, and love. To the women who are in relationships where they feel afraid, threatened, or intimidated on any level at any time, leave and never look back.

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