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Now this is sad! 50Cent’s Baby Mother Is Picking On His Other Son Who Is Only 11-Years-old, Over The Kid Wearing Red Bottoms To School (50 response inside)

50Cent’s baby mother Shaniqua is being real petty and have taken her beef with 50Cent to a new level. 50Cent adopted son he takes care of recently wore some red bottoms to school that 50Cent bought him.  Shaniqua decided to take a jab at the 11-year-old on her Twitter with the caption, Look at his Boy […]

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Exclusive: 50 Cent’s Baby Mother Has Responded To His Count Down Of Not Paying Her Child-Support Anymore!

50cent’s baby mother has responded to his countdown to the day he doesn’t have to pay her child support. The rapper posted a countdown clock on his Instagram page that caused his son to respond with pettiness. 50Cent explained his post was not towards his son but directed to the child’s mother. Now the mother […]

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Petty! 50 Cent Counts Down The Days He Doesn’t Have To Pay Child-Support & His Son Responds With His Own Pettiness!

50 Cent is on Instagram being petty along with his son over the rapper IG post about child-support. 50 Cent posted a clock basically showing the days and hours when he won’t have to pay his son’s mother child support any longer. 50 Cent’s son, Marquise, had a little to say about his father post […]