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Wow. Jackie Christie’s Daughter Takari Lee Exposes Her For Talking To The Feds Which Led To Her Father Incarceration. (read the post)

Jackie daughter’s Takari Lee is writing a book and spilling all the tea. In one chapter, The daughter spills the tea about Jackie talking to the feds which landed her father in prison. The daughter says the father told her the information as a child. See below! Jackie Christie's daughter @takari_lee says Jackie was talking […]

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Jackie Christie Finally Made The Call To Her “Dark-Skinned” Daughter Ta’Kari Christie Lee!

Jackie Christie has finally made the call to her daughter Ta’Kari, the daughter who blasted Jackie for mistreated her due to her skin color. (click here if you missed that). Ta’Kari announced today that Jackie Called her yesterday. Jackie Christie made the call to her daughter!👏 Backup page @fameolous__ A photo posted by FAMEOLOUS ENT […]

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Not a good look For Jackie! Jackie Christie’s Daughter Feels She & And Her Son Are An Embarrassment To Jackie. (read the letter)

Jackie Christie’s daughter just posted on IG asking her mother for forgiveness because she feels she is an embarrassment to her mother. Ta’Kari penned a letter to her mother basically begging for Jackie to contact her to fix things. Ta’Kari also mentions that her father called her to apologize for not being in her life, […]

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Here’s How Jackie Christie’s Daughter Ta’Kari Son Got Burnt At Daycare Causing Third-Degree Burns(video)

Here’s How Jackie Christie’s Daughter Ta’Kari Son Got Burnt At Daycare Causing Third-Degree Burns(video) Backstory on Jackie’s daughter Ta’Kari son being burnt at daycare! A video posted by (@fameolousent) on Oct 20, 2016 at 10:12pm PDT Sad. Jackie Christie’s Daughter Is Begging For Money On Gofundme After Her Son Was Burned At Daycare. Jackie […]

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Jackie Christie Responds To Her Daughter Ta’Kari Gofundme Account. “I’m being extorted and blackmailed”

Jackie Christie has responded to her daughter cry for help. According to Jackie, she is being “extorted and blackmailed.” A month ago, Ta’Kari created a gofundme account after her son was burnt badly at daycare. Ta’Kari pleaded with the public for help due to her not being able to come up with the funds needed […]

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Matt Barnes Donates $3,000 To Jackie Christie’s Daughter Gofundme Account For Her Son Who Was Burnt Badly. Jackie Has Yet To Donate Anything!

Matt Barnes has stepped up to donate the full amount Jackie Christie’s daughter Ta’Kari asked for to help her son who suffered injuries after being burnt. We broke the story last month, Jackie refused to donate to her daughter gofundme account after her daughter publicly pleaded for help. (click here if you missed that) Shout-out […]