Faith Evans Blasted By Stevie J’s Main Chick For Stalking, Sending Fake Positive Pregnancy Sticks, Harassment & More!

According to Stevie’s main chick Liz, Faith Evans is a little crazy. Liz is claiming Faith Evans has stalked & harassed her, and Liz claims Faith sent her a fake positive pregnancy test. Liz is the same chick who blasted Joseline weeks ago for wearing the jewelry she bought Stevie. (click here if you missed […]

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Wow! Tommie Just Choked Her Friend And Kicked Her Out The House After Stevie J Checked Her For Talking About His Kid. (video)

Wow! Tommie just assaulted her friend on IG live over Stevie J checking her for allowing her friend to speak badly about his child. Tommie and her friend Mary Jane got drunk earlier today and went on a long rant about Joseline and the kid. Stevie J checked Tommie and Tommie had a meltdown and […]

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Sad! Tommie Has A Meltdown Like You Won’t Believe After Stevie J Texts Her About Something She Did On IG Live. Watch the 8 minute video)

Earlier today, Tommie and her friend Mary Jane got drunk and went on IG live disrespecting Joseline and her child. Stevie J texted Tommie and checked her about the entire thing and Tommie went off like crazy on Instagram. Tommie didn’t speak on Joseline’s child it was her friend but everyone told Stevie J it […]

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Exclusive: Another Side Chick Of Stevie J’s Just Shaded Him For Allowing Joseline To Wear A Christmas Gift She Bought Him. (video)

Yesterday we told you about Stevie J’s side chick Candice Boyd (click here if you missed that) but today we found out he has another side chick! Her name is Liz, she and Stevie have been seeing each other for months now. Liz is upset and basically exposed their relationship tonight on Instagram after she […]

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Stevie J’s Daughter Vows To Beat Joseline Hernandez Ass For Talking Crazy About Her Father!

Stevie J’s daughter Savannah is threating to beat up Joseline after she has the baby. It all started this morning when Stevie J went on THE BREAKFAST CLUB to give updates about his relationship with Joseline, Faith Evans and more. Stevie’s interview Joseline response… Get the money 💰 IM A HAPPY BISHHHH filming for #lahhatl […]